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The mission of The Medical Society of the County of Kings, Inc. is to foster progress in the science and art of medicine and to promote, preserve and enforce the highest of standards of ethical and proficient medical care.

To be alert to the health needs of the community and to promote and protect the interests of the patients and of the medical profession.

To be alert to changes in health care delivery systems and to protect the quality of medical care as well as the interest of the medical profession.

To promote excellence in medical education in collaboration with the Academy of Medicine of Brooklyn. To maintain ties of mutual and professional interests with the allied and other professions of the City, State and Nation.

Message from the Chairman

Congratulations and I salute every physician for making our patients feel better and live healthier.

After undertaking the arduous journey of becoming a doctor, we finally received the title and honor of being a physician. The practice of medicine is an art and science that also comes with the challenges of administrative and regulatory burdens. We spend more time with a computer screen than with our patients. These challenges spark strong emotions among physicians, from joy to anger and frustrations. It is no wonder that more than 50% of physician’s state that they are feeling symptoms of burnout. But-the wonderful thing about all of us in this profession is that we still go on with resilience, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Despite the constant challenges that are thrown our way, we adapt, persevere, stay optimistic and always put our patients first. Each of us are teachers and healers every day and it is an honor for me to represent and learn from such an elite and inspiring group of individuals.

On this doctors’ day, let us unite to understand and eliminate physician burnout. Let us change sparks of strong emotions to emotional intelligence, so that we can convert challenges into opportunities. Let us continue to ignite the flame of empathy and compassion for our next generation of physicians. Let us continue to spread our support and love for the art and the science of medicine. Let us unite to continue making this world a better place to live in for us, for our future doctors, and for our future generations. We’ve advanced this far and there is no limit for how far we can go and how much we can achieve with the brightest minds at the helm.

Happy Doctor's Day!

Parag Mehta, MD

Chair, Board of Trustees
Medical Society of County of Kings
Academy of Medicine of Brooklyn
Brooklyn and Richmond County Medical Societies
Medical Society of State of New York


2016 House of Delegates

Kings County and Richmond County

  • (first row, left to right): Drs. Niraj Acharya, Martin Lee, Abdul Rehman, Lance Austein
  • (second row, left to right):Drs. Sherman Dunn, Hilary Fairbrother, Florence Shum, Deeptha Nedunchezian, Veronica Santilli, Harold Eichler, Pardha Valluru, Parag Mehta, John Maese, Lee Loewinger, Clarisse Clemons, Elizabeth Haines
  • (third row, left to right): Dr. Adolph Meyer, students - Joseph Nelson and Andrew Davidowitz, Drs. Marc Mendelsohn, Monica Sweeney, Tzvi Furer, Donald Moore, Steven Kaner, Travis Meyer, Robert Frankel, Ms. Liz Harrison



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